Advertising With Press Release Place

The majority of publications on Press Release Place are free, yet there are a few ways of highlighting your press release on the site, for an even more effective marketing tool.

Featured Publications:

Every month we have several publications which are highlighted in our ‘Featured Area ‘. Featured publications will appear at the top of the Press Release Place homepage, and as such will be instantly noticed by thousands of visitors.

Featured Publication Information:

  • £15 Per Month
  • 30 Day Featured Publication
  • Get Instant Exposure To Thousands Of Visitors

Advertising Space:

Press Release Place also provides advertising space for companies who wish to market their service via an advert block with link. These advertising spaces will feature on every single page of the site to deliver maximum exposure to every single visitor.

Advert Information:

  • £25 Per Month Per Block
  • 4 125 x 125 Ad Blocks
  • 30 Day Renewable Advertisement Window
  • Ad Exposure On Every Page

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