Press Release Place is a free service to upload press releases. In order to maintain this service all press releases must follow guidelinesĀ that we have set in place. By following these guidelines your publication can achieve maximum success and reach its intended markets.

Press Release Place Guidelines:

Publications must be relevant to intended audience
Publications must be written with a good use of English (used as a first language)
Publications must have an element of recent news (must be fresh news)

Publications will not be accepted when coming under the following categories:

  • Drugs
  • Pyramid Schemes
  • Escort Industry Services
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Medical Claims
  • HTML Formatting (links are acceptable)

Press Release Place has the right to decline any publications that fall foul of the specified guidelines

Writing Articles and Press Releases

There are several ways to promote your business online. Amongst the most effective of these is well written, keyword targeted press releases and articles. Yet there are key differences between the two terms, with their uses differing.

Press Releases

A Press Release is an advertisement for your company, product or services. To be most effective your Press Release must be topical, up to date and news worthy. The Press Release will then be posted onto Press Release Place and will be viewed by thousands of users looking for material for relevant industries.

Having a Press Release that targets keywords your consumers will be looking for is the best way to get your Free Press Release noticed. The link to your website or product is contained within the text of your Press Release, and is often a related key word e.g. Free UK Press Releases.

By maintaining these methods your Press Release will be viewed by a wide customer base and even potential investors.

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Articles differ to Press Releases in that they are informational pieces about your chosen subject or industries. They are NOT advertisements for your product, company or services, but unique articles that are relevant to the subject.

The link to yourselves is included as a reference at the bottom of the article. Your Article can then be used and posted by others with your link still intact. Articles can be a good way of generating links.

If your Article is of a good standard, while also being targeted at keywords, search engines will be more likely to pick up your content meaning more users sharing your Article on related sites.

Copyright Issues

Each publication is responsible comes under the responsibility of it’s author regarding the copyright of its contents. If you are not the author of the content used in your publication the original author must be contacted for relevant permissions.

Redistribution of Publications on Press Release Place:

  • You may print/ download publications to a local hard disk, as long as publication remains under personal and non commercial use
  • Publications may be handed onto third parties, yet only if content is acknowledged with website as content source

Press Release Place has the right to decline any publications that fall foul of the specified guidelines