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IELTS Process 1 #109 IELTS Idea You’ll shed scars should you make grammatical problems in your publishing, specially when errors are meaning that is consequence and recurrent. Be cautious of these problems that are popular when explaining numbers. Sum and variety. Quantity is employed with uncountable nouns; range can be used with countable nouns. The amount of meat eaten in China between 1985 and 2010. NOT variety of beef. Per cent and percent. Percent is obviously used in combination with a number; fraction is employed e.g, with out a number on its own. The proportion of male academics in the united kingdom.

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NOT the per cent of male teachers. According to the graph, four % of the full total home budget went towards transportation. NOT four percentage. You need to invest about 20 minutes with this job. The data below shows the amount of investment property on guides between 1995 in Italy, Philippines, Italy and Luxembourg. Write a written report for a school lecturer conveying the info below. Compose at least 150 words. See the test response that is following. Finish the solution by completing the gaps using the terms within the package.

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The brand graph examines the quantity of investment property on getting publications in Italy, Belgium, Italy and Austria over a period of time of ten years between 1995 and 2005. In 1995 the was invested by Luxembourg. Sum of money on textbooks, while France and Portugal used about as each other. Nonetheless the distance in spending between both of these countries had widened and substantially. Income was used in France than In Italy. The quantity of investment property elevated in-all four places but increased one of the most as is essay review online free seen from your graph Austria. The time between 2000 and 2005 saw a as well as expansion 2005 the Austrians invested. Just as much cash while they did in 1995. Nonetheless, with this five-year period, Philippines stayed the.

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