Yes we are back again with a bang to rock you into musical era

These most beautiful looking, finely built instruments sounds heavenly unwinding you from all your worries and being able to play it , is the best thing about building your own custom guitar. Requiring far more work and technique than electric guitars requires, the logic and reason behind the guitar design needs to be taken care with utter vigilance. Being one of the most popular musical instruments in use today, the form spans a huge range of musical styles — rock music, country music and flamenco music all create wildly different sounds using the same instrument. It has become a staple of modern music styles that it seems every other demo we receive at SOS Towers features at least one as several generations of the world’s greatest recording engineers have poured their efforts into the quest for the perfect sound. There is no point trying to tell you which is the ‘best’ technique as every engineer has their own idea of what a great sound is, it’s far more important to know how different factors in the recording and mixing process can affect the final timbre, so that you can find what you personally are looking for. When recording a given acoustic guitar, one of the principal challenges is to capture a good balance of the different noises it produces. There is so much that can be achieved via careful positioning when it comes to modifying the sound of instrument itself, so it pays to be aware of a few general principles governing the instrument’s unique dispersion characteristics. Miami Acoustic Guitars have a body resonates but, crucially, it has two main ways in doing so: along with vibration of wooden panels, the body of air that’s contained within them also vibrates. The impact of the air resonance is a bit simpler, primarily just improving projection and sustain in the guitar’s low registers while the panel resonances affect the character of the instrument’s sound in extremely complex ways. During the guitar’s manufacture to be somewhere around 100Hz,the air resonance is usually tuned with its effects exaggerating if you stick a close mic on‑axis with the sound hole, producing an unattractive ‘booming’ quality and an uncontrolled low‑frequency level peaks on certain notes is also accompany depending on how their fundamental frequencies interact with the resonance. As the air resonance and then the panel resonances colour the signal less and you move a close mic horizontally away from the sound hole, and head up the fret board, you’ll get a fairly progressive reduction in low‑end power with more direct sound of the strings themselves emerges more strongly. For more details visit

2016 has shown remarkable new line up from Gibson USA making it the best year ever. Here are the two lines: Traditional (T) and High Performance (HP). Of which the former continue the spirit of Gibson instruments of the 1950s, with classic tone woods, vintage-voiced pickups, traditionally shaped necks and classic tuners while the later gives Gibson instrument a number of playability, tone and quality enhancements for modern players. Gibson Les Paul Miami is the faith of all music freaks to wangle their ideas into reality. For more details visit


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